How may I find it helpful?
  • Osteopathic medicine is a unique approach to comprehensive health care.
  • We welcome patients ranging from newborns to seniors.
  • Osteopathic Medicine is sought for a variety of issues, some of which include:
  • Pediatric
    • general health care and well being
    • newborn evaluation
    • treatment of birth trauma
    • infant sleep irregularities
    • colic
    • reflux
    • difficulty feeding
    • arching
    • agitation
    • acute and chronic ear/sinus infections
    • asthma
    • developmental delays
    • cerebral palsy
    • ADHD
  • Adult
    • general health care and well being
    • sports injuries
    • post surgical
    • pregnancy and post-partum care
    • infections
    • symptoms secondary to injuries
    • neurological problems including all types of pain
    • migraines
    • dizziness
    • nerve palsy
    • digestive disorders
    • fatigue
    • stress-related illnesses and others

A patient may consult and Osteopathic Physician initially, or after having "tried everything else". An Osteopathic physician is interested in the experiences leading to your present condition. He or she will use information from your history, physical examination and your Osteopathic treatment evaluation to formulate a plan for you. We can manage your regular outpatient medical care or act as a specialist if you have been referred by another health care provider.

Many specialists and lots of medicines did not resolve my migraines or my daily headaches. But Dr. H. got rid of all my headaches without any medications by using his hands in osteopathic treatments.
-Nicola D.
Dr. Hagopian fixed my back problems that had been plaguing me for 5 years! He helped me find long term relief. Almost like he gave me my life back!
-Bonnie Z.
This is a doctor who listens closely to everything I say. And the funny thing is he doesn't really need to do that because most of the time he can figure out what I need just by examining me. That's the osteopathic difference!
-Frank B.
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