How does Osteopathic Treatment work?
  • Each person is evaluated and treated as an individual. There are no predetermined protocols.
  • An Osteopath Physician uses information from your words, your whole body, and your environment to make a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.
What happens during a visit?
  • Initial visits are generally 1.5 to 2 hours long, during which a detailed history is taken, followed by a physical exam much like most physician visits.
  • In addition, complete Osteopathic evaluations as well as an Osteopathic treatment are performed.
  • Follow up visits usually last about 30-45 minutes.
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Even though Osteopathic Physicians are trained in gross, forceful manipulation (like cracking joints) and use them when necessary, most of our treatments consist of very gentle and subtle manipulation. Patients generally lie down on the treatment table and relax during the whole visit, with a good percentage of them falling asleep as they are being treated. In most cases patients do not need to disrobe during treatments, however it is preferred that loose, thin clothing be worn (no denim, flannel, etc.).

Many specialists and lots of medicines did not resolve my migraines or my daily headaches. But Dr. H. got rid of all my headaches without any medications by using his hands in osteopathic treatments.
-Nicola D.
Dr. Hagopian fixed my back problems that had been plaguing me for 5 years! He helped me find long term relief. Almost like he gave me my life back!
-Bonnie Z.
This is a doctor who listens closely to everything I say. And the funny thing is he doesn't really need to do that because most of the time he can figure out what I need just by examining me. That's the osteopathic difference!
-Frank B.
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